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Associate Lawyer cabinets GABOR & GABOR offers customers a vast array of legal services.

Thus, we provide advice, assistance and legal representation in the following matters:


- Drafting and supervising civil contracts of sale and purchase, exchange, donation, lease, lease, mandate, transaction, loan, etc.. The object of movable and immovable property;

- Tabulation and other operations of land registry, verification of property titles and any other legal consultancy activities in real estate matters;

- Operations of tabulation and other operations Land Registry, verification of property titles and any other legal consultancy activities in real estate matters;

- Assistance in obtaining approvals and construction permits or real estate, real estate recovery facilities

- Legal assistance and representation in contentious and non-contentious proceedings in civil matters.

- Development, assistance in negotiations and tracking the performance of commercial contracts of sale, distribution, agent, commission, consignment, license, leasing, franchising, credit card, factoring, loan, etc..;

- Operations for setting and amending companies;

- Legal assistance for participation in auctions; in order to obtain approvals, authorizations, licenses and accreditations for the functioning of Romanian and foreign legal persons;

- Legal assistance in obtaining financing lines;

- Legal assistance (and representation) in disputes originating in commercial legal relationships

- Permanent and punctual legal assistance to companies for the regulation of legal relations of a commercial nature;

- Legal assistance in connection with the merger, dissolution or bankruptcy of companies;

- Legal assistance provided to investors looking to buy shares in state-owned companies in undergoing privatization;

- Legal assistance for the purpose of concluding international commercial contracts, as well as formulating professional opinions in connection with the Romanian law on the incidence of such contracts;