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GABOR & GABOR is a partnership of highly specialized professional lawyers located in Arad, Romania.

Our business is dedicated to providing quality and uninterrupted services to companies located in Romania or abroad, while developing lasting partnerships with start-up companies, in development or enshrined companies in Romania. Working with us you will gain well-founded legal consulting services, practical and geared towards maximizing profits, together with services of the highest quality representation at fees proportional to the amount and complexity of the projects.

Although we assist and represent a variety of companies both in Romania and abroad, the main fields of interest of our law practice focuses on the business environment in Romania, corporate law, business management and legal risk management, mergers and acquisitions, entrepreneurship and investment, reorganization and liquidation, commercial litigation, civil and arbitration, as well as designing and negotiating commercial contracts.
All services that are related to business law encompass complex and integrated packages that include designing and negotiating commercial contracts, solving problems of business administration, intellectual property consulting and legal requirements on licensing, certification, licensing and employment law, with related services representation before courts and arbitral tribunals where legal disputes escalates conflicts.
The company was established in early 2004 by the association of two lawyers with longstanding practice built within some famous enterprises and foreign trade companies and other forms of exercise of the profession of lawyer, their experience offering the guarantee of professionalism and high quality of the services that we provide.

You will gain from focusing on delivering concrete results and from the corporate approach, from the detailed analysis of all possibilities of action and the alternatives available to address all recourse to courts of law being considered by our lawyers only as a last option. Your Business disputes will be addressed through the most operative and effective alternative conflict resolution techniques, and only as a last resort we will take action the courts of law.
We fully understand that some conflicts can and should be resolved expeditiously, while others require the presence in front of the court.

Despite the facts that in our business focus are business law and business litigation, we acknowledge that avoiding court, often lengthy and expensive, may better serve our clients' interests. For this reason, whenever possible, we avoid recourse to courts. We use alternative methods of conflict resolution such as mediation, conciliation and arbitration. In addition, we design and review commercial contracts, civil contracts and other agreements and understandings, precisely to protect the rights of our customers through the most effective methods and to avoid as much as possible and prevent potential conflicts and misunderstandings.

Throughout the projects development we closely liaise with clients to fully understand their needs and desires, consulting ourselves in order to constantly ensure that we fulfill their goals according to the vision formulated.
In contemporary legal regulatory environment, the identification of a suitable law firm according to your goals is critical for the success and completion of legal issues. The pace of legislative change is overwhelming; in this context our society depends and is aimed at providing full services, continuous and up to date, regardless of location and your business object.

Considering that good collaboration is based on confidentiality and earnest, and the peak of our performance is given by experience and professionalism, certainly your legal protection pyramid is build upon us.
Any business needs strong support from the economic, organizational and legal point of view. Especially in the current market economy of Romania, characterized by fluctuating legislation and almost nonexistent state protection offered to entrepreneurs, we believe that you need a dynamic partner able to offer comprehensive legal services to a highly complex and professional outfit.